As a symbol of our expanded efforts to help you plan to meet your family’s needs and to make sure your plan is the highest quality, I have changed the name of my firm to Pinnacle Plan Law Center, PLC! And adopted a snazzy new logo:Pinnacle Plan Law Center, PLC

That’s right: Dalon J. Morgan, PLC, has a new name, and we also have a new look and website: The State Bar has relaxed its rules about firm names for attorneys, and we no longer have to use stuffy, old law firm names (like Beautum, Cheatum, & Grindum, Inc.!), which was the norm for centuries.

The good news is that you don’t have to remember to spell “Dalon” when looking for me on the internet! The bad news is that, in the months ahead, you may see a lot more ads from attorneys with new names and creative animals for mascots! Of course, I didn’t want you to think of your attorney as “The Snake”, or “The Law Shark”, so I thought that a depiction of this pinnacle, taken while hiking in the Superstition Mountains, made a nice logo (and the fact that it’s shaped like an “M” was an added benefit!).

For you hikers out there, it’s a shot of two of three peaks that make up The Three Sisters formation near Weaver’s Needle. Of course, despite the name change, I’m still the same attorney, and I’ll be here when you call for an appointment or question.

If we can be of any assistance to you or your family, please call us.

Best Regards,