Protect your family, business, and retirement with professional planning.

  • Who will care for your minor children, if you cannot?
  • Who has authority to manage your assets and operate your business?
  • Is your family properly protected from lawsuits?
  • Do you have a Will, Trust, and other estate planning documents? Are they up to date with current laws?
  • Is your IRA or 401(k) set up properly to minimize taxes?
  • Is your LLC protecting you?
  • Are you complying with new laws relating to rental homes?



Your relationships with family and friends are priceless, so making sure they’re protected is invaluable. Without a good plan, for example, a court could be deciding who will be the guardian or your children, or how your assets will be distributed. Because each situation is unique, we help you tailor your estate plan to fit your specific needs. We also help families minimize estate taxes and other costs, while ensuring, as much as possible, your quality of life.



So you’ve built a successful business, but much of your continued success depends on whether you’re there to run it. You need a carefully designed exit strategy and succession plan to preserve the company’s value and to ensure that it continues if something happens to you. We help business owners develop workable and unique strategies for transferring their business to help children or selling it to third parties, so that you don’t suddenly lose its value. We can also help you create and maintain your company, so that you get maximum protection from liability.



Your IRA or 401k could be one of your largest assets, and yet is often most neglected. Having your beneficiaries listed incorrectly could cost your family thousands of dollars in taxes. You have valuable options that not only minimize taxes, but also turn your retirement account into a lasting legacy for generations. Don’t let the IRS be the beneficiary of your IRA!